THW Communications Thursday, July 28, 2016 Announcing our Video Platform BETA Testing We are very pleased to announce that we are only a few weeks away from beginning our initial BETA Testing of our new Video Platform. We are also please to announce that has licensed over 500,000 videos for your viewing pleasure and that we will be adding 1000’s more each month. Please be sure to take the time to complete your surveys so that the appropriate content can be procured for you. The BETA test will provide 1,000’s of videos across the various survey categories you selected within your demographic survey! The BETA viewing will not be paid viewing, but rather a test to help us evaluate where we are; and what we can promise our advertisers! We sincerely hope all IVs will take the time to view some content. Some Interesting Information for All The following has nothing to do with current revenues to It’s merely meant as an example of what a third party company, with no financial interest in, believes the value of is at this time. This value is based on projected advertising revenues that could be generated from the massive amounts of traffic our IVs generated for the site thus far. Source: You; our dedicated IVs have made this happen. They indicate a value of $26,915,000 that’s “Twenty Six Million Nine Hundred Fifteen Thousand Dollars”. All we can say is WOW, the future for all involved is bright! is in the right place at the right time; • Mobile ads jump to over 100 billion dollars annually in 2016. * Last week 10 companies spent over 94 million just on TV ads in the USA alone! * The pizza industry spends over a billion dollars annually in advertising just in the USA! * The prescription drug industry spends over 6 billion annually in advertising! * Geico & Progressive Insurance spend just under 2 billion annually in advertising! There are three types of IVs who have joined 1. Over 700,000 IVs who have joined just to watch YouTube type video ads and earn up to $25 for doing so. 1. Over 35,000 Team Leaders who are currently building 10 level down-lines who will also be paid for IVs on their team IVs who earn watching YouTube type videos. 2. Our assessment of our demographic base also leads us to the conclusion that we have thousands of IVs who will also begin selling local advertising packages to local businesses and earning additional incomes as soon as we begin offering such. It could take as little as 2,000 IVs in your area to start. We know that many of you who have registered desire to begin viewing content and getting paid for doing so now! The bottom line is; we just do not have enough registered IVs in any given geographic area as of yet. With only 279,000+ who filled out surveys; “It’s Just Not Enough” to sell mass quantities of advertising. It will be up to the Team Leaders to help us get to the “ENOUGH” IVs in a given geographic area to get started. For some areas that number could be as low as 2,000. There are an estimated 35,000 team members who are responsible for the over 700,000+ IVs who have signed up; and the 279,000+ IVs who have taken our surveys. We are off to a great start for a company division that did not exist 40 days ago. But we need our Team Leaders to do their part to get to the numbers we need to make us an advertising phenomenon! Best regards and thank you. To Your Success, The THWGlobal Communications Team



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