Auktion zu Gunsten von Segelohrenbob (Mini Bedini 1.0) kaufen bei

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Liebe Bastelfreund, liebe Bedinifreunde, liebe Freunde und Bewunderer vom Torsten (Segelohrenbob). Bitte helft uns um IHN zu helfen. 100% des erzielten Auktionspreises werden an unseren kreativen Freund und Helfer ausbezahlt.

Hans Wahler‘s insight:

Craft love, Bedini, friends, dear friends and admirers of the Torsten (Segelohrenbob). Please help us to help him. 100% of the obtained auction price will be paid out to our creative friend and helper. It is located in a very difficult situation at the moment and a little money (see 1000,-as far as I know), it would need but laughed when we’d get the few toads not to him to remove a large concern, and to visit him in prison. So much people have viewed already his videos on YouTube and have learnt or even until their true determination/passion found, suddenly there is no boredom at home and on weekends because you build to test so much, and tinker has more (it is at least with me). Please increases strongly with, waived but times 2 hamburgers or the Panel chocolate – here it is more meaningful. You not increases Bedini here "Really" on the mini but it increases it for our Segelohrenbob mini gives Bedini then as a thank you for the highest bidder, your life something special for you will remain then this mini Bedini.


STARTING price: 1,-here we go!

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