seminar reservation

Gets hands-on experience building with Earth

The Kali Ji Seminar

Is a distillation of 40 years research and development into sustainable building methods.

To reserve your seminar spot, call +30 Cell +30 and mail to

Kali Ji Institute of Earth Art and Architecture

attn: 2010/2011 Seminars

PO Box 38

GR Nea Michaniona 57004

What to expect:

one day Seminar tuition is €10 per person and €18 for two people. To reserve your seminar date, send a deposit, or call us . Make reservations early.

Other relevant information will be provided after your reservation.

What to bring:

For this hands-on session bring clothes that you don’t mind destroying, sturdy closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, drinking water and a sack lunch. You will need a pair of rubber gloves and a pair of leather work gloves.

Where to stay:

To reserve your stay, please contact us. You can camp at the Kali Ji Community or we send you a list of local hotels with your Seminar Confirmation.

 Earth building Seminars for Schools, Colleges, Non-Profits and Groups of 20 or more receive a 30% discount on seminar. For more information, please contact us.


I want to point out a few things that we discovered during the workshops. We saw several families bringing their children ages 3 and up to the workshop. They were making it a family venture from A – Z. Even the 3 year olds brought rubber gloves and were helping to build can walls with mommy and were apparently having a great time during the workshop.  You get to see things that you normally don’t

Hans Wahler Kali Ji Administrator


About kaliyi

distillation of 40 years research and development into sustainable living and building methods.
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